Promotional vs Informative In Content Marketing And SEO

Promotional and informative content are two different things. Understanding the difference between these two types of content and the queries they are directly related to, could make the difference between your business blog or website SEO and content marketing success or failure.

Promotional vs Informative In Content Marketing And SEO

Your blog vs your business pages

Making this distinction with clients often helps to grasp not just the different type of queries, but also how these relate to the notions of content marketing¬†and even “being social”, on social media. As opposed to broadcasting only your own sales message. Continue reading “Promotional vs Informative In Content Marketing And SEO”

Google Search Assistant From Mobile First To AI-First

Originally posted at Anglux UK in 2016.

I normally like to let the dust of the news settle before covering anything that really matters. This really matters, I’m covering just the day after the breaking news.

Google is fiercely leaving the web, getting into your home, your car and virtually anywhere.

Google Assistant Your own personal Google

You do not need to get the new fancy device or the “Pixel phone”, to have a taste of this, you can try Google Assistant with the Allo App for Android and iPhone.

Both have just launched, and the origin of all the fuss, from Google’s own blog to BBC and everyone else.

A couple of things are striking, unlike Siri, Cortana Or Amazon’s Echo, it can have a conversation with you.

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SMX Munich 18-19 March 2020 Partnership

We are excited to announce we have partnered once more with SMX, this time in Munich, the largest SEO and Paid Search conference in Europe and run by some of the editors and founders of Search Engine Land.

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SMX Munich will take place on the 18-19 March 2020. You can take a look at the programme here.

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